The reasons for your inability to lose weight or maintain weight loss can be for a whole host of reasons including, but not limited to:  Stress, Lack of Exercise, Regular Over Indulgent Eating, Regular Over Indulgent Drinking,  Late Nights, Lack of Sleep, Depression, Prescription Medication.

Your subconscious has an underlying belief that it needs you to be overweight and by creating overindulgent eating, regular overindulgent drinking, depression, lack of desire to exercise or any other reason to prevent you losing weight it is doing its job; it believes it is necessary for you to be over a certain weight.

any weight loss you manage to achieve will be short lived.  The subconscious believes it is necessary (after all it created the need) will force it to create another symptom in its place; maybe a phobia, physical affliction, anxiety related issue or some other issue that serves it's need.

With Curative Hypnotherapy there are no contra indications or dangers.  It's a pleasant, logical and effective treatment that works with the subconscious to locate the reason why you cannot loose weight or maintain any loss.  Whereas, the previously mentioned modalities either attempt to manage or suppress your subconscious.


Regardless of whether you comfort eat, crave sweet & sugary foods or crave fatty foods there has to be a root cause, a reason 'why', why your subconscious has developed the need for you to over-eat/gain weight.

'Without a cause there can be no symptom', so once the root cause has been identified, understood and corrected your inability to loose weight will become a thing of the past.​