Stop Smoking Telford, Specialist Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking.         

Whether you've previously tried to stop smoking or this is the first time, the one thing that's certain is, you want to stop once and for all.

In the vast majority of cases, my Highly Successful, Tailored 'Done In One' treatment can be all that is required.  This session is designed to enable you to become a non-smoker as opposed to being an ex-smoker.  It addresses the habits and cravings associated with smoking and often succeeds where other treatments, have failed.

If you started to smoke in your adult years or you use smoking as a crutch for an issue, then a single session will not be suitable, as there will be an underlying reason why you found it necessary to start smoking.   Such cases require a course of treatment to    discover, understand and correct the reason and belief behind the need to smoke.

I do not believe that a smoker is addicted to nicotine; I have yet to meet one.  A lot of people do not agree with me, and that's fine.  I believe that smokers are addicted to the habit of smoking and that habit is then associated with activities when one smokes - with a coffee or tea, after a meal, when socialising etc - and these associations intensify the need to smoke, not the nicotine.  If a smoker needed the nicotine they would have to smoke every cigarette for the same amount of drags, but they don't.  If socialising it's likely that they have talked more and most of the cigarette has burnt out having only had a very small number of drags, but they've had their cigarette.  Does that sound familiar?  Be honest, it does, doesn't it?

It is for that reason that all inquirers are questioned as to why they started smoking and the associations they have formed around smoking.  It is important, to be honest when answering such questions (I do not judge anyone, so no need to be concerned about telling the truth) as this enables me to provide the treatment best suited to each individual.

I provide a FREE, No Pressure, No Obligation Phone Consultation, prior to booking treatment, when I can assess the most suitable treatment.

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