There are many forms of energy healing; different ways to affect change within the body to improve health and well-being. However, energy is energy. It doesn’t matter what one might call the process or what it looks like; the purpose is to balance the energy flow within the body.

I refer to my way of working as Spiritual Energy Healing or Energy Healing. Working the way I do, I channel source (Universal) energy using my energy and divert it to affect the client’s misaligned energy realigning it and thus providing healing. Whenever anyone with an injury or is feeling ill, whether Emotionally, Physically or Psychologically, energy diverts to manage the issue; I term it as misaligned energy. Instead of the body’s balanced energy, some is diverted to deal with the issue/ailment. To correct this, I move source energy, using my energy and intent and realign the client’s energy.


What Will It Do For Me

Clients often feel more relaxed and less aware of pain or discomfort from their injury/ailment/issue. However, some notice an increased awareness of the injury/ailment/issue. When this happens, it is due to the degree of injury and the intensity of healing required. It is possible to experience what some call a healing crisis for upto 72hrs after treatment. However, when this happens, it is in a minority of cases. I am more often aware of the likelihood and will forewarn the client.

In general, clients have a noticeable improvement within 24hrs. Depending on the degree of issue/injury, more than one session may be required. If this is the case, the extent of relief gained generally increases in duration after each session.


NB: As stated throughout this site. Everyone is an Individual and as Individuals, we are all different, and the effects and reactions of one to healing may be different to another’s.


What Will It Feel Like?


Whether a session is distant or hands-on, clients often experience sensations around the area of focus or at the extremities of the area worked on. Some experience a sense of flow throughout their body or at specific points, which is fine as not feeling anything other than relaxed is equally fine. Everyone is an individual and open to their feelings and awareness.


Post-session clients may:


Feel tired and/or yawn a lot.


Experience Muscle and/or nerve twinges.


A good level of hydration must be maintained for the remainder of the day post-treatment.


What Will A Session Be Like?


Healing sessions can be Hands-On or Distant.




The client will lay, fully clothed, on the therapy couch with their eyes open or closed, whichever they prefer or vary throughout the session if they like; it does not affect the healing. Clients must inform of any changes of feeling they have at the time they experience them, so any discomfort is minimal.

Despite what the name implies, laying hands on a client is rarely necessary unless dealing with joint inflammation or broken bones. Most of the time, my hands hover over the client’s body at varying heights. During a session, there may be times when I will ask for feedback to ensure any potential discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Clients are requested to attend their treatment well-hydrated; a well-hydrated body responds better to healing than a poorly hydrated body.




Clients will receive a telephone or video call before their healing session to ensure they are prepared and ready for their session. The client must sit or lie down in a quiet relaxing place where they will not be disturbed for the duration of their session. If preferred and to aid relaxation music can be played in the background.

It is generally better for the client to close their eyes and relax, giving a better awareness of their body and aiding session feedback.