HypnoRelease is a method I devised, initially, as a way to relax clients for my 'Stop Smoking' treatments, for which it is very successful  It was very successful at deeply relaxing them.  However, it was only after a client mentioned that their neckache, which they'd had for several days, was gone after their session that I started to look into developing the process as a stand-alone treatment.

It quickly became apparent that issues, which were previously treated using manual manipulation, could be treated without the    discomfort of forced manipulation or the pain of deep tissue massage.  Clients with a variety of issues, such as:

Backache and unable to walk upright.
Shoulder and neck pain.
Frozen shoulder.
Sacroiliac joint pain and misalignment.

are successfully treated and their pain and issue dispersed, sometimes only requiring one session.  However, in the more severe case of frozen shoulder, it took three sessions, but a distinct improvement was noticed after the initial session.

Hypnorelease is now offered to release the stresses and strains of the working week, as well as melting away physical aches and pains without the need for painful/uncomfortable manipulation.

Telford Hypnotherapy