Initial Consultation.  (Not applicable to 'Done in One' Smoking Cessation) 

This is our opportunity to gain information from each other.

For me: This is my opportunity to obtain information about your problem and a little of your background.

I will ask you some questions concerning your problem and symptoms to ascertain how these affect you now and what changes you would like to see.  We will then discuss what changes and improvements can be achieved and I will provide details of your treatment schedule.

For you:  This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have relating to treatment or about me, for that matter, so that by the end of the consultation you are fully informed and happy to embark on the journey to the 'New' you, the person you desire and deserve to be; should you decide this is the treatment for you.

After the questioning and information gathering, it is your chance to experience how relaxing and enjoyable hypnosis is and discover how easy it is for you to achieve that wonderful state of relaxation.


You are an individual and your problem and its root cause are unique to you, so it makes sense that your treatment will be unique to you.  Although the basis of treatment is to locate, understand and ultimately reinterpret the misinformation behind the creative belief of your symptom, the treatment sessions will be unique to you and your problem.

We will have a variety of techniques available to us and we will find and utilise the ones best suited and most enjoyable for you and that will enable us to get the most out of each session.  Your job is to simply enjoy the relaxation allowing me to question your subconscious and obtain the answers as to why your problem exists.

Treatments will continue until we have obtained all of the information concerning the root cause of your problem, finding, identifying and then assisting you to reinterpret the information that caused the problem.  Once this has been achieved the problem will be gone and will not have any further effect or reoccurrence in the future; allowing you to be the person you desire and deserve to be.

Telford Hypnotherapy