Stress is a coping mechanism that tells us when we've taken on too much and need to take time out, have a break from the pressure we are under.  It can also be the very thing that pushes us that little bit more and that gives us a sense of satisfaction, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. However, for some, those feelings of pressure are continually intense.  When the majorityof us wouldn't experience a strong reaction or such a lasting response, they become overwhelmed by the pressures and it's then that their everyday life is taken over and controlled by the stress and becomes a very real problem.Symptoms of stress include, but not limited to: Change in appetite (making you eat either less or more), Memory issues, Loss of sex drive, Increased dependency on food, tobacco products, alcohol or drugs, Developing irrational fears, Neglecting important things in life (work, school, personal appearance), Nervous behaviours (twitching, nail biting, teeth grinding and more), Mood changes.​The effects of stress can have a severe and detrimental affect on your home and work life as well as impacting on your social life, not only causing immense concern and anxiety to you, but to those around you. ​

For something to exist, there must first be a cause.'

Rather than attempting to manage or suppress your stress symptoms as other forms of hypnotherapy do, Curative Hypnotherapy seeks to find out 'why', why do you suffer stress?  By locating, understanding and reinterpreting the root cause your stress simply fades away - 'without a cause, there can be no symptom.'

I have a reputation for resolving Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks and Depression issues once and for all, never to return again.