Fears: Are a reaction to danger involving mind and body, which stimulates our natural in-built protection default known as 'Fight or Flight'.  However, when fear is persistent and disrupts or interferes with daily activity it is generally referred to as a Phobia.

Phobias: Are an intense, disproportional fear of a situation, object or activity, that
far outweighs the actual danger or possible harm.  The fear and distress are so intense that the sufferer will do everything in their power to avoid the object of their fear, and when exposed to that object they suffer overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear and often panic.

The body's reaction to fears and phobias may include, but not limited to: Trembling or Shaking,  Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, Chest Pain or Discomfort, Hot or Cold Flushes, Numbness or Tingling Sensations, Sweating, Faint, Lightheadedness or Dizziness.


Although it's normal to experience fear in situations of threat or danger (it's our built-in survival mechanism) when those fears are so extreme that they disrupt or interfere with daily activities or when the fear and danger is highly exaggerated or imagined (phobia), then there must be a reason why, and it's that reason 'why' that I seek to uncover; why you react to perceived dangers by producing such a Fear or Phobia within you when others in a similar situation do not.  By identifying, understanding and correcting the reason 'why' you react to situations by experiencing Fear or a Phobia can you then be free from the issues, once and for all.

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